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Gankoomon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Ultimate Sengi Tengyouken
・Tetsu Geta Harite


A Holy Knight Digimon and successor to the position of one of the Royal Knights. Gankoomon’s home is said to be in the southwestern corner of the Digital World, although it rarely stays in one place for long. Together with Huckmon, who it hopes to make its successor, Gankoomon journeys all over the Digital World, quelling chaos and disturbances before they can get out of hand. Unlike the other Royal Knights, who only rarely show themselves, Gankoomon gets actively involved in the local communities it visits, and is close friends with lots of Digimon as a result. Since it intends to make Huckmon succeed it as Royal Knights, Gankoomon puts Huckmon through a series of severe trials. Even while they’re traveling, Gankoomon relies on the Sistermon siblings to continue to train Huckmon. Gankoomon is stubborn, which leads it to take on a harsh attitude towards Huckmon, although this is in fact a reflection of its kindness, since it wants to make Huckmon the equal of any other Royal Knights. Hinukamuy, the projection from Gankoomon’s body, is always present, and while it doesn’t speak, it helps Gankoomon without question. Gankoomon’s special moves include Tekken Seisai, where it strikes anyone who talks back to it with a powerful blow, and Quake! Blast! Fire! Father! This attack involves Hinukamuy delivering divine punishment in response to a shout from Gankoomon. Finally, it has Table Flip, where it flips over part of the ground as if it were a table made of Chrome Digizoid, causing the earth it flips to become as hard as that legendary metal. Hinukamuy itself is in the process of Digivolving from a Champion Digimon. It’s said that when it awakens to its true power, no Digimon will be able to rival it.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Gankoomon’s DigiCore:
Having merged with Hinukamuy, the characters for “Gankoomon” now appear on Gankoomon (X Antibody)’s back, along with an image of Hinukamuy. When Gankoomon (X Antibody) fully unleashes its own massive aura, the energy it gives off transforms into something resembling a pair of wings, allowing Gankoomon (X Antibody) to make use of its full power. It can also take up the iron clogs, or tetsu geta, on its feet and wield them as weapons, increasing both its offense and its defense. Its signature move, Tetsu Geta Harite, involves using these clogs to strike a heavy blow. Gankoomon (X Antibody)’s ultimate attack is Ultimate Sengi Tengyouken, where it concentrates all its energy into its right fist, then unleashes a powerful uppercut that lands regardless of its enemy’s defense, crushing them.