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UlforceVeedramon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・The Ray of Victory


UlforceVeedramon is a legendary Holy Knight Digimon appearing only in a prophecy passed down from the ancient Digital World. The appearance of the Royal Knights, the holy defenders of the Network, was written of in this prophecy, and it is said that the members of the Royal Knights will all gather based on prophecy when the Digital World faces its greatest crisis. Even among the Royal Knights, UlforceVeedramon’s speed is exceptional, such that its movements are impossible to follow. Clad in armor made of Blue Digizoid—an extremely rare metal with the lightest weight of any form of Chrome Digizoid—UlforceVeedramon shoots through the sky and blasts across the earth. Also, should it ever require a weapon or a shield, it can extend its weapon Victory Sword or its shield Tense-Great Shield from the V-Bracelets on its arms. UlforceVeedramon uses its special move The Ray of Victory to fire a beam of energy from the V-shaped armor on its chest and wipe out foes.

■Effects of the X Antibody on UlforceVeedramon’s DigiCore:
In addition to its godlike speed, the ultimate Ulforce power has also been drawn out further. Ulforce also has an astounding healing ability, letting UlforceVeedramon (X Antibody) immediately recover from any damage it receives. Were it caught and attacked, it would likely counter instantly with 100% of its power.