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Kentaurosmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Surtr Brander
・Niflheimr Arrest


A Holy Knight Digimon and member of the Royal Knights, defenders of the Digital World. Kentaurosmon is an outlier among the mostly humanoid Digimon in the Royal Knights, striking an atypical Beast silhouette. The defensive strength of the Red Digizoid armor encasing its body makes damaging this Digimon no mean feat, even for Mega Digimon. Six legs offer Kentaurosmon superior mobility, allowing for instantaneous movement in spite of its large frame. It is the protector of incredibly ancient ruins slumbering under thick ice near the Digital World’s north pole, supposedly containing program data essential to the creation of Digimon.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Kentaurosmon’s DigiCore:
In addition to its original six legs, it now has four arms, eliminating the interval between notching and firing and letting it continuously shoot during instantaneous, high-speed movement. Kentaurosmon (X Antibody) uses its special move Surtr Brander to unleash light arrows coiled in all-consuming hellfire from the Ultimate Crossbow Einherjar fused from the wings on its back. It also uses Niflheimr Arrest to release absolute zero cold air generated by the holy Niflheimr shields equipped on each pair of arms. This move freezes the ground, causing all biological activity to cease.