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LordKnightmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Lord of Fraternity
・Noblesse of Rouge
・Ultimate Thrusting Sword Gran Rozerio


A Holy Knight Digimon, a member of the Royal Knights, and a king that rules over all Knightmon. More than the concepts of good and evil, LordKnightmon is loyal to its own concept of justice, which it will achieve by any means necessary. It finds value in anything that leads to lasting peace, even if that means ruling through strength. LordKnightmon executes its duties with ruthless efficiency, yet shows compassion to the weak. It uses its special move Spiral Masquerade to slash its enemies with the four blades growing from its armor, or Fist of Athena to instantly draw close to the enemy before shooting a shockwave from the Pile Bunker on its right arm.

■Effects of the X-Antibody on LordKnightmon (X Antibody)’s DigiCore:
Bearing the Rose Pile Bunker, a shield of roses that can be used both to attack and defend, as well as Rose's Fencer, a type of rapier, this noble form represents the still-greater heights of power attained by the lord of knights. Furthermore, by analyzing the battlefield through the red crystal embedded in its visor, LordKnightmon (X Antibody) now has the ability to conduct its troops so that they’re always at an advantage. It’s an ability that instills fear in those around it, who see it commanding armies with all the grace and skill of a master performer playing an instrument, and are awed into thinking it must be the perfect being. Beyond this, both LordKnightmon (X Antibody)’s ribbon blades and its armor have become stronger than ever, and it’s able to integrate the power of its Knightmon servants into the tips of its blades. With its special move Lord of Fraternity, it extends its ribbon blades, fully charged with the power of its Knightmon servants, and slashes through the opposing army with dance-like movements. It also has Noblesse of Rouge, where it traps a foe inside a hurricane of rose petals generated from the core of its Rose Pile Bunker, then penetrates their DigiCore with great precision using Rose's Fencer. Finally, it can combine its sword and its shield to form the Ultimate Thrusting Sword Gran Rozerio, the greatest of Pile Bunker, and blow away everything else on the battlefield with a tremendous shockwave.