Digimon Encyclopedia



(Xros Wars)
Aquatic Beast Man
Special Move
・Poisonous Force
・Hydro Blaster
・Bubble Head
・Tiger Typhoon (True Form)


Splashmon is the general of the Big Death-Stars’ Water Tiger Army. By transforming itself into liquid and moving from liquid to liquid, it can freely turn into a person or Digimon. This makes it proficient at spy work, and it conveys intel to Android Digimon in order to enable the execution of plans. Acting with constant beauty is Splashmon’s top priority in any strategy, and it refuses any tactics that would dirty its countenance. Despite commanding an army, it only believes in its own beauty, and lacks an iota of trust, even for the Digimon in his forces. The cute and colorful water spirits known as Drippin formed within its body possess frightening offense powers belying their appearance—including melee combat, status affliction and explosive abilities based on their color. According to rumor, some of these Drippin are packed with the “miracle essence” Splashmon fixates on that will turn one’s skin glossy. The Drippin army unleashed with Poisonous Force paralyze the enemy force’s chain of command to sow discord on the battlefield. Splashmon also possesses skills that cause status abnormalities such as Hydro Blaster, which shoots water from its fingertips at high speed and pressure, and Bubble Head, which instantly gathers minuscule elements and turns them into liquid around a foe’s head. When hurt and driven into a corner, Splashmon will open the zippers all over its body to reveal its true form. All who see this form—let alone whoever wounded it—will be swallowed and annihilated by its Tiger Typhoon, which causes an inescapable flood to crash down and drown all foes without fail. Even so, this ugly true form goes against Splashmon’s ideals, so it absolutely despises showing it.