Digimon Encyclopedia



(Xros Wars)
Dragon Man
Special Move
・Tyrant Collbrande
・Burning the Dragon
・Infernal Dragon Fire


Dorbickmon is the general of the Big Death-Stars’ Fire-Fury Army. Commanding large numbers of Dragon-species Digimon while maintaining perfect order, it has always been able to crush its foes on the battlefield with overwhelming force, regardless of the situation. Possessing exceptional power and speed as well as a wealth of combat experience and a sharp intuition, Dorbickmon is a flexible fighter that can quickly adapt to whatever is happening on the ground. It loves to watch the flames of destruction swell on the battlefield, and is quick to incite war whenever it finds a region at peace. Then it takes pleasure in watching as other Digimon and even the world itself burns and dies. In battle, Dorbickmon channels its burgeoning rage into a flaming sword called “Tyrant Collbrande,” which burns with destructive power equal to its fury. Dorbickmon can also strike at the dragon veins in the earth using Burning the Dragon, altering the terrain to damage groups of enemies. It also shoots blasts of super intense heat with Infernal Dragon Fire to instantly incinerate foes. These techniques allow it to face down countless opponents at once.