Digimon Encyclopedia



(Xros Wars)
Special Move
・High Gravity Pressure
・Gravity Bang


Gravimon is the general of the Big Death-Stars’ Earth Spirit Army. A consummate strategist, it uses its ability to control gravity along with its talent for quickly grasping a situation to master the battlefield. Its brilliantly conceived plans are worthy of a mastermind, and it naturally uses unorthodox strategies to manipulate its opponents. The majority of the Earth Spirit Army troops are God Beast Digimon, making them an overwhelming force to be reckoned with. Gravimon treats the battlefield as a testing ground, where it enjoys exploring various fascinating strategies. It is a Digimon brimming with curiosity and passionate about continuing its research. How easily can the number of casualties be maximized? Which strategy will lead to the most cries of anguish? What brilliant tactic will astonish friend and foe alike as they perish? How can the enemy be wiped out without spilling a single drop of blood? These are the sorts of questions it longs to answer. In battle, Gravimon uses its eight tentacles to manipulate gravity with the move Octogravity, controlling the weight of its foes to best suit its strategy. It can also stretch out and enlarge its arms to grab an enemy, then crush them with overwhelming force by using High Gravity Pressure. Its legendary Gravity Bang attack involves concentrating as much of the Digital World’s gravity upon itself as possible, then setting off a massive explosion by releasing all that energy at once. This is a technique with enough destructive force to partially destroy a star, but since it may also wipe out Gravimon itself, it is a self-destructive attack never meant to be used. Over the course of a great deal of time, Gravimon can regenerate itself afterwards, but not even Gravimon knows how long this will take.