Digimon Encyclopedia



(Xros Wars)
Special Move
・Snipe Headshot
・Bow Cutter
・Foot Shot
・Arrow Lance
・Turbulence Arrow
・The World Shot


Zamielmon is the leader of the Wood Spirit Army of the Big Death-Stars. Many Digimon that can blend in with regions like woodlands and meadows are affiliated with this army, such as Pixie and Vegetation Digimon. Zamielmon calmly assesses situations, utilizing its army to annihilate the enemy with every kind of strategy, including surprise attacks, pincer movements, clean sweeps, diversions, blitzes, and guerrilla tactics. It enforces rigid discipline to execute these strategies, and will coolly shoot and eliminate subordinates that interfere with coordination no matter who they are. Zamielmon’s actions are the key to any successful strategy, as it runs around the battlefield shooting enemies in the head with Snipe Headshot. A myriad of weapons are fitted around its body. It shoots arrows from its hands with Arrow Lance, uses the bow on its waist as a blade with Bow Cutter, and fires a trick-shot from its foot with Foot Shot. When surrounded by a group, Zamielmon brings down foes with Turbulence Arrow, slicing with its bow at close range and shooting a rain of arrows without missing a single shot at long range. Against powerful or large foes, it ends them with its The World Shot skill, charging the giant Indra bow on its waist with energy before piercing the enemy’s core.