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Dynasmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Dragon's Roar
・Wyvern's Breath
・Dragon's Gust


A member of the Royal Knights with the powers of a wyvern. Even among the Royal Knights, Dynasmon is unique. Extremely loyal, it provides absolute service to its lord, who must share Dynasmon’s own sense of justice. Even if others consider its master evil, Dynasmon will not hesitate to lay down its life for what it considers to be just. For this reason, it possesses a strong spirit of chivalry and bushido, and values loyalty, fidelity, and courtesy above all else. Between its own draconic might and its dragon armor made of refined Chrome Digizoid, it possesses matchless power. Its special moves include Dragon’s Roar, by which it fires energy blasts from its palms of all the elements of the Ten Legendary Warriors, and Wyvern’s Breath, by which it transforms the energy of its body into the aura of a giant wyvern.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Dynasmon’s DigiCore:
Dynasmon (X Antibody)’s power as a wyvern has been drawn out dramatically, giving it a more ominous form, although most of its draconic armor is composed of Blue Digizoid, the lightest of the rare metals. Even so, it is Dynasmon (X Antibody)’s own overwhelming might that allows it to propel its large, heavyweight frame to high altitudes with just a single flap of its wings. For the sake of its lord, it will also unleash its special move, Dragon's Gust, which involves flying straight into foes with the full weight of its body behind the large horns on its forehead. Of all the Royal Knights, Dynasmon (X Antibody) is the most skilled at aerial combat.