Digimon Encyclopedia


Jesmon GX

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Seiken Meppa
・Knights' Intruder


Jesmon GX is the ultimate form of Jesmon, which it obtained when it awakened to its true power by surviving Gankoomon’s harsh training and fully mastering its skills. It has imbued its body with such an intense fighting spirit and yearning for justice that it’s taken on the red hue of burning flames.
Its primary weapon is the Unlimitive Gauntlet, a highly versatile device suited for both offense and defense that can switch between Sword, Knuckle, and Shield Modes depending on the situation.
The Tactical Arms have also further transformed into a set of energy wings, dramatically improving Jesmon GX’s ability to fly. What’s more, Jesmon GX has inherited Gankoomon’s greatest technique, Seiken Meppa, where it performs a combo attack while in its Arms Mode at nearly the speed of light.
Its own ultimate attack involves channeling the power of the Royal Knights to become the vessel for Knights' Intruder, the 14th ultimate sword whose existence should be an impossibility, transforming into an onrushing sword of judgment capable of instantly obliterating any foe, no matter how strong they might be.