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Examon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Pendragon Sparkle
・Thunder Sword Bureiragaha


A Holy Knight Digimon and member of the Royal Knights, the holy defenders of the Digital World. Examon has an absurdly high data mass, so it could never be rendered on traditional digital devices. Its discovery only became possible when the latest digital devices finally proved powerful enough to render it. Though a member of the Royal Knights, Examon is also the ultimate Dragon Digimon, and so it bears the title of “Dragon Emperor” as well. It has massive, sentient wings referred to as Caledfwlch, along with the giant lance Ambrose. Caledfwlch is a unique set of Chrome Digizoid wings that decides for itself whether to be a pair of wings for flight or a shield to protect Examon. The lance Ambrose is loaded with special bullets containing viruses that can cause various effects, lending versatility to Examon’s attacks. Examon’s special moves are Avalon’s Gate, by which it pierces its foes with Ambrosius, blasting all of the lance’s special bullets into them to destroy them from the inside, and Pendragon’s Glory, by which it shoots up into the exosphere and unleashes a powerful laser beam from Ambrose. Examon can also plunge down from the exosphere to slam into foes while its body is still hot from friction generated by its reentry into the atmosphere with Dragonic Impact. As this move is accompanied by a shockwave, it can sometimes wipe out huge numbers of foes across a wide area.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Examon’s DigiCore:
Examon (X Antibody)’s Holy Knight data has been drawn out, increasing its resemblance to a knight clad in armor and a helmet. Its powers as both a Dragon and a Holy Knight are such that they cannot be contained within its new frame, swirling around it in the form of Dragonic Plasma. Examon (X Antibody) can manifest twelve copies of the Thunder Sword Bureiragaha out of the lightning which falls from its Dragonic Plasma and send them flying at foes. What’s more, its Ultimate Battle Dragonlance Ambrose is a sentient weapon that is not only capable of releasing large amounts of energy, it can actually adjust its energy output depending on the strength of Examon (X Antibody)’s enemy. Examon (X Antibody)’s special move Pendragon Sparkle involves stabbing its foe with the Ultimate Battle Dragonlance Ambrose at maximum power while also striking them with a powerful lightning blast from its Dragonic Plasma. It’s an attack no enemy can withstand.