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Craniamon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Grand Gríðr
・Hjaðningar Waltz


A Digimon with the greatest sense of decorum among the Royal Knights. Craniamon is a perfectionist, vying with other Royal Knight Digimon for the highest completion rate of orders from King Drasil. When fighting enemies, its policy is to eliminate them in one-on-one combat; the more formidable the foe, the more reason it has to rejoice. The code of Craniamon’s armor has been manipulated by King Drasil, and is now Black Digizoid. It can access this data, allowing it to produce weapons and shields from its armor.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Craniamon’s DigiCore:
The Black Digizoid around its body has grown even sturdier. An ordinary attack would hardly scratch it; on the contrary, the attacker itself would be the one to receive damage. Craniamon (X Antibody) has stowed Avalon away on its back, demonstrating its confidence that the ultimate magic shield won’t be needed. It uses its special move Grand Gríðr to detach the blades from both arms and hurl them as tomahawks. It also uses Hjaðningar Waltz to transform its magical spear Claíomh Solais into the Ultimate Crossblade Dáinsleif, spinning it at lightspeed to reduce targets in a three-kilometer area to ash. Those who observe this technique turn into garbage data without any comprehension that they’ve been attacked.