Digimon Encyclopedia



(Xros Wars)
Special Move
・Nightmare Raid
・Blue Obliteration
・Doom Cannon


NeoMyotismon is the general of the Big Death-Stars’ Moonlight Army. Its goal is to completely eradicate the forces of all who oppose it. To this end, it sends its army of Undead Digimon to infiltrate various areas and wipe out any Digimon acting suspiciously.
The endless amount of time it’s spent lurking in darkness has rid it of emotions, so that even massacres seem to it like an unremarkable part of life, neither to be relished nor hated. The only thing that gives it any sense of accomplishment is watching Digimon slowly perish under the moonlight.
NeoMyotismon can summon an endless number of familiars called Nightmare Leeches, which are drawn to the life energy of Digimon. Any Digimon hit by NeoMyotismon’s Nightmare Raid, by sending a horde of Nightmare Leeches at a foe, will instantly be reduced to a pitiful shadow of themselves. NeoMyotismon can also tightly bind its opponent with its two extensible arms by using Blue Obliteration. It then cuts them to rshreds with its claws after extracting all the information it can from its target. Finally, it can concentrate dark energy into the moon on its chest, firing it out in an intense blast with Doom Cannon once that moon is full. This transforms its enemies’ surroundings into pure darkness, followed by a single flash of light. But that light does not bring hope, only their demise.