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Minervamon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Haunted Hair
・Sanctus Tormentum


A Deity Digimon and member of the Olympos XII that resembles a young girl. Despite Minervamon’s decidedly small frame, this incredibly strong Digimon is capable of wielding a greatsword the size of its own body. Although this Digimon is as innocent and cheerful as a young girl, its moods can fluctuate wildly. When it is in a bad mood, its behavior quickly turns upset and selfish (that is, “problematic”) in a way that’s out of control. Minervamon uses its special move Strike Roll to unleash a forward rolling slash from its greatsword Olympia, and Madness Merry-go-round to perform a horizontal spinning slash faster than the eye can see. Strike Roll can split the earth, while Madness Merry-go-round generates a massive tornado.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Minervamon (X Antibody)’s DigiCore:
The X Antibody has caused two portions of Minervamon (X Antibody)’s hair to become enlarged and gain a will of their own. These sentient braids of hair consider themselves beings of great wisdom, and support Minervamon (X Antibody) in battle with their extensive knowledge. Perhaps to provide nourishment for these braids, Minervamon (X Antibody)’s already small frame is now even smaller, leaving this Digimon shorter than its beloved sword, Olympia. However, Minervamon (X Antibody) doesn’t seem to mind this, delighting instead that it now has two new friends to play with, which it has named Ulula and Serpens. Also, despite Minervamon (X Antibody)’s reduced size, it shows no signs of having gotten weaker. On the contrary, it’s able to wield the comparatively massive Olympia with a speed that makes this Digimon harder to deal with than ever. Its special moves include Haunted Hair, where it sets Ulula and Serpens on its foes by extending its hair, and Crazy-Go-Round, where it generates a massive tornado of blue flames with a powerful horizontal spinning slash. Finally, it has Sanctus Tormentum, an energy blast it fires from the crystal in its shield. This attack has all the destructive force of the main gun of a massive warship, and is said to be powerful enough to blow away a mountain without issue.