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Sakuyamon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Amethyst Mandala
・Konohanasenki Banshou
・Uka no Mitama


A Digimon with the role of a priestess that acts to execute the will of the gods. Like Taomon, Sakuyamon uses shamanic magic in battle, and can command other God Beast-species Digimon. It always carries four pipes on its belt, in which reside four pipe foxes. The pipe foxes can be used for attacking, gathering information, and more. Like MagnaAngemon and its Priest Mode, Sakuyamon can transform into Maid Mode to take charge of rituals. Its signature move is Izuna, by which it attacks foes with the four pipe foxes on its waist. Sakuyamon’s pipe foxes bear the elements of fire, water, wind and lightning, respectively. It uses its special move Amethyst Mandala to strike the ground with its Kongou Shakujou staff, creating a purifying field that exorcises evil.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Sakuyamon’s DigiCore:
Sakuyamon (X Antibody) has mastered every esoteric art of the eastern Digital World, from necromantic divination to Onmyodo techniques, making it a specialist in eastern spiritualism. By attuning itself to the natural elements of the Digital World, it can transform the object data of rocks and plants into shamanistic spirits called shikigami, giving them the forms of foxes and flowers and charging them with various tasks. Sakuyamon (X Antibody) excels at CyberRecon and intelligence gathering thanks to its pipe foxes and shikigami. This lets it act as a dark defender by using this information to strike at foes from the dark. Its new special moves include Konohanasenki Banshou, where it transforms all nearby objects into shikigami, trapping foes in a deadly storm of flowers, and Uka no Mitama, by which it summons a single giant fox deity by fusing together its four pipe foxes, each of which controls one of the four elements.