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Mammothmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Ancient Beast
Special Move
・Tusk Strikes
・Tundra Breath
・Geometric Freezer


An Ancient Digimon proved to have existed long, long ago, thanks to a multitude of evidence. The warming of the Digital World defrosted some hyper-compressed data, causing it to appear in icy areas where the thaw had melted. Its whole body is covered in thick fur, and although it possesses tremendous, ancient power, Mammothmon is extremely susceptible to fire damage. The crest carved onto its face mask is a crystal of super-ancient wisdom, and it possesses a second sight that allows it to see long distances. Mammothmon’s large ears can even discern sounds in far-off places. Its special move Tusk Strikes stabs at the enemy with its two long tusks, and Tundra Breath blows a gust of chilly air from its long nose.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Mammothmon’s DigiCore
Mammothmon unfroze from hyper-condensed data with a significant percentage of its data corrupted, but the X Antibody improved its self-repair ability, allowing it to restore itself up to 99% and take on an almost complete form of the Mammothmon that lived in ancient times. The mask covering Mammothmon (X Antibody)’s face extends to its back and stomach. More than just altering its appearance, this allows it to demonstrate the full ability of the crest engraved on its mask. There is evidence indicating that when Mammothmon (X Antibody) discovers a Virus Digimon, it begins pursuing them on instinct. Its Geometric Freezer technique has also been revived, allowing it to create a barrier with chilled air from its nasal cavity that only freezes Virus Digimon. These facts have led some to believe that Mammothmon (X Antibody) was a Virus Hunter in harsh, icebound regions.