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Gomamon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Sea Beast
Special Move
・Marching Fishes


A Sea Beast Digimon covered in warm fur that can move on land. The short white fur that covers its body grows longer and turns brown as it ages. A busybody and a troublemaker, Gomamon loves to get involved in any situation. The streak of red fur running from its head down its back moves in accordance with its mood, bristling when Gomamon is angry. Its claws are sharp enough to cut through solid ice with ease, and anyone who underestimates Gomamon is in for a rude awakening. Its special move is Marching Fishes, by which Gomamon commands a loyal squad of small fish to attack.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Gomamon’s DigiCore:
Its charming personality has increased a level, and now it expresses a full gamut of emotions with its signature red hair. This has only bolstered the number of enthusiastic Gomamon fans. Still, it is difficult to raise for enjoyment. Gomamon (X Antibody)’s small body demonstrates a shocking amount of strength, and it can now move quickly even over land. Clearly it has lost none of its ability as a fighting Digimon. On extremely rare occasions, it acts in tandem with the humongous DaiPenmon, who it apparently considers to be its subordinate. Gomamon (X Antibody) has been thought to boast a rarely-seen signature move known as Goma Milk Death; in reality, however, this is a powerful special move used by DaiPenmon.