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Lilithmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Evil King
Special Move
・Nazar Nail
・Phantom Pain
・Seventh Fascination


One of the Seven Great Demon Lords Digimon, this Evil King Digimon is shaped like a woman. Lilithmon is thought to have once been an Ophanimon, but it fell from grace, transforming into that which came to be known as the “Goddess of Darkness.” Beguiling and beautiful, it seduces its opponents, and it is said that certain death awaits any who accept its invitation. As the “Goddess of Darkness” title suggests, Lilithmon offers generosity for vice, and cruel indignities for virtue. The demonic Nazar Nail on its right arm corrodes anything it touches. Lilithmon uses its special move Phantom Pain to eat away at the opponent’s body with a breath of darkness. Those struck by this curse have their data worn away from the extremities of their bodies, suffering every inch of pain until their demise.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Lilithmon’s DigiCore:
Having X-evolved due to its obsession with beauty, Lilithmon (X Antibody) has obtained a form that is both youthful and captivating. Its form is enough to entrance any who lay eyes on it, transforming them into puppets for Lilithmon (X Antibody) to control. Having reached the pinnacle of beauty, Lilithmon (X Antibody) is now a goddess of death, freely offering sweet destruction to all as an expression of its boundless generosity. Its special move is Seventh Fascination, where it draws power from its Crown of Lust to manipulate others over a wide area. Digimon who are transformed into Lilithmon (X Antibody)’s puppets have their powers drawn out far beyond their limits, causing them to die after they’ve served their purpose. Lilithmon (X Antibody) takes great pleasure in watching as their lights burn brightly one last time before they finally fade out.