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Beelzemon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Evil King
Special Move
・Gluttony Flare
・Darkness Claw
・Double Impact
・Seventh Full Cluster


Beelzemon is an Evil King Digimon that prizes its independence, despite having the ability to rule over many Evil-species Digimon. One of the Seven Great Demon Lords Digimon, Beelzemon is said to be capable of becoming the foremost Nightmare Soldiers should it so desire, but it’s also rumored that there is another Evil King Digimon whose power surpasses even Beelzemon’s. Beelzemon always keeps its beloved shotguns, the Berejena, close at hand, and it rides around on its giant motorcycle machine Behemoth.It has a cruel and ruthless personality, but it never appears in groups or attacks the weak due to its pride. Its signature move is Darkness Claw, where it raises its sharp claws into the air and then slices through its foe. Its special move, Double Impact, involves firing twin blasts from its two shotguns.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Beelzemon’s DigiCore:
When Beelzemon (X Antibody)’s data was overwritten by the X Antibody, it gained the ability to summon the ever-shifting crimson flame El Evangelio from the Dark Area at will. El Evangelio is a sentient flame used to judge and purify the souls of sinners who fall into the Dark Area. Ordinarily, an Evil King like Beelzemon (X Antibody) would be utterly destroyed by it, DigiCore and all, but since Beelzemon (X Antibody) has taken in the X Antibody, it is safe from the fire. What’s more, it’s said to have the power to suppress El Evangelio’s will, manipulating the sentient flame as it sees fit. When Beelzemon (X Antibody) uses its special move Gluttony Flare to fire El Evangelio from the Berejena like a bullet, its target is utterly consumed as if by fire, leaving no trace of data behind. Beelzemon (X Antibody) also has the special move Seventh Full Cluster, where it uses the Crown of Gluttony to concentrate the destructive power of its Gluttony Flare before firing.