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Creepymon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Evil King
Special Move
・Flame Inferno
・Seventh Graviton
・Inferno Burst


An Evil King Digimon that commands many Evil-species and Dark Angel Digimon. Creepymon was originally an Angel Digimon like Devimon, of a particularly high level. But it resorted to rebellion—or perhaps violence—against the personification of the Digital World’s goodness (which may have been the human who built it), and was thus deleted to the Dark Area (the graveyard of erased data). Creepymon’s ilk will one day take over the Digital World, and it vows to take revenge on that being of goodness. It also secretly schemes to revive the most powerful of all Mega Digimon, the Ultra Digimon that commanded its forces during the aforementioned rebellion. Creepymon uses its Flame Inferno to attack with superheated hellfire. Those hit by this move are burnt up without a trace.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Creepymon’s DigiCore:
After Creepymon takes in the X Antibody, the Crown of Wrath appeared over its head, and due to this, the angrier Creepymon (X Antibody) gets, the more powerful it becomes. When its wrath finally overflows, its power is said to skyrocket above even that of an Ultra Digimon. Its special moves include Seventh Graviton, which involves firing supergravity lasers from both of its shoulders and its chest to reduce its surroundings to ash, and Inferno Burst, its ultimate attack where it surrounds itself in its Flame Inferno to transform into a fiery Evil King. Stopping Creepymon (X Antibody) in the form of a fiery Evil King while its Crown of Wrath blazes overhead is a task even the Royal Knights would likely find difficult.