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LadyDevimon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Dark Angel
Special Move
・Ende Brechen


A feminine Dark Angel Digimon with a noble presence. LadyDevimon’s Dark Side Power is strong, pure, and without equal. There are almost no instances of one of these Digimon being fully raised on a personal computer. Its special move Darkness Wave releases countless flying batlike creatures at the opponent to burn them to a crisp. Its other special move Poison converts the opponent’s power into dark energy, annihilating the foe from within. The stronger the opponent’s power, the more devastating this technique becomes.

■Effects of the X Antibody on LadyDevimon’s DigiCore:
The X Antibody has magnified its dark energy, giving birth to Volée, a familiar who surveys the area from behind and immediately paralyzes those who glare at it, and also creating Zerdrücken, an extendable armament that traces the movement of its left arm. LadyDevimon (X Antibody) unleashes Ende Brechen from Zerdrücken to crush its foe’s DigiCore directly. It also uses Gräme to destroy its foe’s flesh from within using its chain.