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Leviamon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Evil King
Special Move
・Tail Strike Mortifera
・Biting Crush Triadens
・Seventh Lightning


Fear of the excessive power in Leviamon’s possession has earned it the moniker of “Devil Beast,” and it is counted among the Seven Great Demon Lords Digimon. A grand creature with a maw large enough to swallow the entire Digital World, it is said to sleep in the Net Ocean near the Dark Area. If awoken, Leviamon will look down on any Digimon in positions of might, causing Angel Digimon to flee in terror, along with other Evil King Digimon. There are limits to what can be determined about this Digimon, however, and it almost never appears. It is considered a primordially evil existence that has taken up residence in the Digital World. It can use its special move Biting Crush to destroy everything in its path with its massive jaws, or Tail Strike to pulverize enemies with its long tail.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Leviamon’s DigiCore:
Wing-arms have grown from Leviamon (X Antibody)’s back, allowing it to release some of its boundless energy in order to fly. Leviamon (X Antibody)’s goal is to consume everything, and now the land, sea, and air have all become its feeding grounds. Its special moves include Tail Strike Mortifera, where it stabs through a group of foes all at once with its tentacle-like tails, and Biting Crush Triadens, which involves biting into foes with its triple jaws. It also has Seventh Lightning, a super-powerful lightning blast it can unleash from the three horns on its head when the envious power it contains reaches its peak, causing its Crown of Envy to glow. This attack is said to be strong enough to sink entire continents.