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Barbamon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Evil King
Special Move
・Death Lure
・Pandemonium Lost
・Seventh Jewelrize


One of the Seven Great Demon Lords, this Evil King Digimon is shaped like an old man with a long beard. Barbamon exists in the heart of the den of evil known as the Dark Area, controlling Dark Angel Digimon and causing them to engage in all sorts of wickedness. It is obsessed with all treasures in the network, using every means at its disposal to satiate its greed. This rapacious and ruthless creature would kill a Digimon for even a scrap of treasure. The most cunning tactician of the Seven Great Demon Lords, it controls not only Dark Angel Digimon, but even the Mega level Ghoulmon with ease. Barbamon uses its special move Death Lure to tempt Digimon into an inescapable living hell and convert them into wickedness with its demonic staff Death Lure, and Pandemonium Lost to release all the evil energy of the Dark Area at once, burning everything with a super-high temperature explosion. Even MaloMyotismon’s special move Pandemonium Flame releases only the smallest fraction of this energy.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Barbamon’s DigiCore:
With the demonic staff Death Lure fused to its right arm, Barbamon (X Antibody) now has a direct connection to demonic power, making it capable of more advanced techniques. Its special move Seventh Jewelrize involves tearing out a foe’s DigiCore with its right hand, then transforming that DigiCore into a gemstone using the Crown of Greed. Since the more powerful a Digimon is the more illustrious this gem will be, Barbamon (X Antibody) carefully assesses its opponents to see if they’re worth fighting. The Crown of Greed that Barbamon (X Antibody) can manifest in its right hand is both a sign of its strength and the jewel of its collection.