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Jesmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Iron-Fist Judgment
・Ultimate Seibaken


When SaviorHuckmon pushed past its limits, the crystal on its chest shone, and it Digivolved into its ultimate form: Jesmon. Jesmon is a Holy Knight Digimon that has earned its place among the Royal Knights, the highest-ranking Digimon in Network security. It has the ability to sense signs of impending chaos and other disturbances throughout the Digital World, allowing it to rush to these scenes faster than any other Royal Knights. It’s also trusting of others, and in part to keep itself from growing overconfident, it prefers to coordinate its efforts with the Sistermon siblings and other Digimon nearby rather than acting alone. In this it is unlike most other Royal Knights. Learning by watching the Hinukamuy of its master Gankoomon, Jesmon acquired Atho, René, and Por during its training. This trio performs formidable, autonomous movements according to Jesmon’s instructions: attacking foes directly, backing up Jesmon, or providing aid to other Digimon. Jesmon uses its special move Judgement of the Blade to instantly slice its foe with its arm blades at high speeds, and Weltgeist to perform an omnidirectional counter together with Atho, René, Por, intercepting any enemy attacks with their nine blades. It can use Aus Generics to temporarily overwrite its own data, making it capable of activity exceeding physical limitations. Jesmon’s mobility defies the laws of the Digital World in this state, allowing it to subdue any Digimon without a single injury.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Jesmon (X Antibody)’s DigiCore:
The X Antibody transformed all of Jesmon (X Antibody)’s armor into blades, granting it a form that’s even more focused on offense. Each of the many swords Jesmon (X Antibody) is now equipped with is also capable of autonomous movement, allowing the Digimon to continually overwhelm opponents when fighting one-on-one with a constant string of attacks. Furthermore, the three programs Atho, René, and Por have now fused and awakened as a single being, the Tactical Arms. This allows Jesmon (X Antibody) to make use of an entirely new combat style where it attacks in all directions without ever leaving itself open.

This Digimon’s special moves include Iron-Fist Judgment, where it uses its new Tactical Arms to bludgeon foes with iron fists that would do Gankoomon proud, and Weltflügel, which involves pointing all the swords on its body towards an enemy, flying towards them, and unleashing a flurry of attacks while also fighting with the greatswords in its hands. Finally, it has a nonlethal ace in the hole, where it draws the Ultimate Seibaken out of the DigiCore in its chest and slices through foes. Those cut by this sword lose only their instinct for conflict, rendering them unable to battle any longer.