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Baalmon(X antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Tribunal Blast
・Absorption Mark


A Digimon possessing extensive knowledge of all subjects who is also known as the Sublime Lord. According to one theory, Baalmon is rumored to be the alternative form of a certain Evil King Digimon. Baalmon is said to be willing to exchange one page of information from its Red Book of Appin in which all of its knowledge has been recorded, in exchange for the reader’s soul. Baalmon can answer any question, but it always puts its petitioners through a trial first. Those who fail to overcome this trial will receive no answer, and Baalmon steals their soul. Baalmon’s cape consists of various talismans gathered from all times and places. These are said to contain countermeasures for every known technique, and this vast wealth of knowledge allows it to block any attack. Its special moves include Guiltish, which transforms its talismans into various forms to attack, and Kamiuchi, by which it releases a powerful bolt of lightning from the Dǎshénbiān in its hand. Kamiuchi is especially powerful against Holy Digimon.

Effects of the X-Antibody on Baalmon's DigiCore
The X-Antibody releases some of the power sealed inside Baalmon by its amulets. The Red Book of Appin reveals its will. Should one seeking knowledge give a wrong answer to the question, they will receive judgment from its owner.
Its special moves are Tribunal Blast, in which unleashes a shot from the shotgun on its right arm, and Zai-Kamiuchi, in which its whip, Deus Fractus, merges with its left arm to strike any enemies attempting to flee. With Absorption Mark, Baalmon aims the Red Book of Appin at its enemy, causing its enemy to be absorbed into one of the book's pages.