Digimon Encyclopedia


Monochromon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Armored Dragon
Special Move
・Volcanic Strike
・Tomahawk Slash


An Armored Dragon Digimon with a rhinoceros-like horn growing from its snout. When that massive horn grows, it stands at half of its body length. A hard substance covers its horn and the top half is tough like diamond. They say there is nothing it cannot pierce. Monochromon is known to excel at both offense and defense. Although it is herbivorous and comparatively docile, once it is angered it will unleash fearsome counterattacks with its tank-like body. Its special move Volcanic Strike is a powerful flame projectile.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Monochromon’s DigiCore:
Its epidermis shines black, having become an even sturdier shell that boosts its ability to survive all the more. The long claws growing out of Monochromon (X Antibody)’s limbs drive into the earth, stabilizing it so it can support its gigantic horn and swing it down. Its special moves have increased, and now it can use its new Tomahawk Slash to mow through foes with the enhanced power of its giant, hatchet-shaped horn.