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Agumon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Pepper Breath
・Baby Burner


A Reptile Digimon that’s developed the ability to walk on two legs, similar in appearance to a tiny dinosaur. Since Agumon isn’t fully matured, it lacks strength, but its fierce disposition makes it reckless. Hard, sharp claws grow from its limbs, and Agumon makes full use of them in battle. Agumon shows much potential, promising Digivolution into a great and powerful Digimon. Its special move is Pepper Breath, by which it spits flames at its foes.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Agumon (X Antibody)’s DigiCore:
Agumon (X Antibody) boasts an increased potential to Digivolve into a species of Greymon, which are particularly powerful among Dinosaur-types. The characteristic blue lines that have appeared on Agumon (X Antibody)’s body are reflective of this, a sign that it is no longer to be classified as a Reptile-type, but rather as a Dinosaur-type. Agumon (X Antibody)’s claws are also sharper and deadlier than ever, and its more ferocious personality has given it the ability to perform a new special move, called Baby Burner, which involves charging up Pepper Breath in its mouth until it can release a more powerful blast.