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Angewomon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
High Angel
Special Move
・Grand Celestial Arrow
・Heaven's Charm


A High Angel Digimon with the appearance of a beautiful woman. Though previously classified as an Angel Digimon, the great power of its abilities makes clear it is a High Angel Digimon. A Champion-level Angel has six wings and an Ultimate-level Angel has eight wings. Angewomon is calm by nature, but does not tolerate wickedness, and will continue attacking until its foe is reformed. Due to Angewomon’s strength of spirit and great power, it is regarded as a goddess of the Digital World. One of Angewomon’s special moves is the powerful lightning attack Celestial Arrow, also known as Heaven’s Punishment, while the other, a deadly beam attack filled with the essence of beauty and kindness known as Heaven’s Charm, is more effective the stronger the dark power of the opposing Digimon.

■Effects of the X-Antibody on Angewomon’s DigiCore:
Angewomon (X Antibody)’s holy power has been amplified, allowing it to channel its own pure energy into any element (fire, earth, wind, or water) that it touches. By doing so, it’s said it can instill within fire the ability to ward off evil, cause shoots to spring up and flowers to bloom upon the earth, purify water, or make wind capable of calming the hearts of Digimon.
Its special move is Grand Celestial Arrow, where it draws on the power of nearby elements to fire a lightning arrow.