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Gatomon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Beast
Special Move
・Lightning Paw
・Holy Chime


A Digimon brimming with curiosity that loves to pull pranks. Gatomon may be small, but it’s still a rare Holy Digimon whose appearance belies its true power. It wears its Holy Ring on its tail, proving that it is a sacred Digimon, although it will also lose some of its power if it ever loses this ring. Besides the Holy Ring, Gatomon also wears gloves with long, sharp claws copied from the data of SaberLeomon to protect itself. Its special move Lightning Paw involves using its lengthy claws to attack.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Gatomon’s DigiCore:
Gatomon (X Antibody) is now shorter, more curious, and more mischievous than ever, and its underlying innocence has become more pronounced. Since this transformation brought out Gatomon (X Antibody)’s underlying personality rather than make it better-suited for battle, it’s speculated that the antibody removed extraneous elements from Gatomon (X Antibody) so it could better wield its latent holy power. The ring of the bell-shaped Holy Chime on Gatomon (X Antibody)’s ear gets louder the more holy power the chime is exposed to, and it can drive away evil Digimon.