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Special Move
・Pinpoint Weapon Works
・Appropriate Works
・Bomber Art


This Digimon god of smithing is one of the Olympos XII. Vulcanusmon is responsible for creating most of the Digital World’s best-known weapons, including the infamous Beelzemon’s beloved Berejena. Vulcanusmon has the spirit of a true craftsman, along with an obstinate personality. It takes the measure of all of its clients, and if it feels that they cannot master or will not treasure the weapon they’ve requested, it will deny them. Even when it does agree to make a weapon, it matches the quality of its work to its impression of the wielder. In spite of this, it’s said that Vulcanusmon was so taken with Beelzemon’s strength that it worked diligently to craft an exceptional weapon when it created Berejena. Vulcanusmon prefers to be left in peace, working away with its eight arms, but it can also leverage its skill as a craftsman in battle. With Pinpoint Weapon Works, it makes masterful use of its fiery Bomber Art welder to instantly craft the perfect weapon for any combat situation. When it really wants to go all out, though, it will make repeated use of Pinpoint Weapon Works to make weapons for each of its eight arms. This technique is called Appropriate Works. Still, Vulcanusmon’s own combat ability isn’t especially high, and it prefers to avoid battle when it can.