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Special Move
・Island Freefall
・Burning Blood Shell
・Fruits Flechette


One of the Olympos XII. This giant bird-like Digimon produces the Digital World's finest sweet and most renowned fruit in Karpos Hule, the forest on its back. As its body is made of rock and rich soil, Ceresmon in flight resembles a floating island.
 Ceresmon's true form, Ceresmon Medium, sits atop the head of its large body. Ceresmon Medium has virtually zero fighting strength and rarely appears before others by itself, but it is said it will show itself to those it deems worthy of trust. Of a quiet, gentle nature, Ceresmon will offer hungry Digimon fruit from Karpos Hule. It will even go as far as to shelter injured Digimon in its forest and heal them. However, its nature will shift and it become a truly frightful forest demon if trees are pointlessly harmed or the land is polluted by those who have forgotten to be grateful for the blessings of the forest and earth.
 In Ceresmon's special move, Island Freefall, it slams its massive body against its opponent, dealing further damage to its surroundings with a powerful shock wave. With Burning Blood Shell, Ceresmon fires large, flaming globes of magma from its mouth. In addition, Karpos Hule's unripened fruits contain a high concentration of poison. Ceresmon will scatter these over a wide area with Fruits Flechette to transform the land into a plot of destruction. However, after several days, the poison will change into high-quality compost, and the land will become abundant and fertile.