Digimon Encyclopedia



Special Move
・Healing Therapy
・Peace Fantasia


This compassionate Digimon governs the power of love, and is one of the Olympos XII. Even in the most desolate wastes, wherever Venusmon goes, beautiful flowers bloom and the earth around it is renewed with youthful vigor. Many Digimon worship Venusmon because it is a creature of such beauty and purity. When Venusmon puts on its blindfold, it is able to perceive the world as it truly is with its mind’s eye, seeing through any falsity or deceit. In hiding its eyes, it also suppresses its aura of glamor, meaning that this doubles as an act of consideration, reducing the number of Digimon that would otherwise swoon in its presence. Venusmon has two small but constant companions, the bird Olive and the scallop Hotan, and the three friends keep up an open and lively conversation. Since Venusmon is the Digimon that governs love, its every action in battle soothes its opponents’ hearts. With Healing Therapy it can quell its enemy’s lust for battle just by stroking their head, or it can make foes fall unconscious by blowing them a kiss with LOVE YOU, and making their hearts skip a beat. Finally, if its bird Olive pecks an enemy on the head, they will fall under the spell of Peace Fantasia, which can soothe the heart of even the most savage of beasts.