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Special Move
・Cook of the Abyss
・Party of the Heavens
・Reversal of the Dead


One of the Olympos XII, and the self-proclaimed heartiest drinker of the Digital World. With its bright personality, Bacchusmon is good at taking care of others. At all times of the day it will gather Rookie and Champion Digimon and hold grand feasts. It can produce various types of beverages, and is happy to do so at the request of its favorite Digimon who have come to attend its feasts. Bacchusmon prefers fruit wines, and its favorite is made from fermented fruits taken from the Karpos Hule forest on Ceresmon's back. Whenever it is free, it asks Ceresmon to let it brew that wine. As a result, the two Digimon are extremely close and often do things together.
 Bacchusmon's special move Cook of the Abyss allows it to take its enemy and wrap it up in both arms to convert its data into drinking snacks, whereupon Bacchusmon eats them. With Party of the Heavens, it refines spirits and mixes them with poisons that cause sleep or paralysis, then pours them on its target to incapacitate them. Also, when Bacchusmon has had too much to drink, the pattern on its body will turn blue, and it will the expel the data in its large stomach in a destructive beam of light called Reversal of the Dead. If the attack hits an opponent, Bacchusmon takes in the data to become more powerful, so facing off against large groups of enemies can make it unfathomably strong.
 The data that Bacchusmon refines into poison is being researched by the Crack Team. There are plausible rumors that Bacchusmon's poison data is being used to produce biological weapons and in assassination plots against high-ranking figures.