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Special Move
・Soul Core Attack
・Phantom Blade
・Dark Army Pact


Titamon is the counterattack titan, born from the grudge of a Digimon felled by the Olympos XII in a contest for supremacy over the Digital World. Also going by the alias the “One-Man Division,” it harbors bottomless grudge energy within its body, and runs through battlefields looking for the heads of the Olympos XII. Its huge arms are covered in a large quantity of skulls, each formed from strength data stolen from defeated foes. Titamon’s Zanjintou is a gigantic sword carved from the bones of SkullGreymon, and the ill will confined within the blade emits a low groan. It uses its special move Soul Core Attack to slip through the enemy’s armor and body with its blade, slicing straight through their DigiCore. Damage taken from a direct hit with this special move cannot be healed. With Phantom Blade, Titamon gouges through the enemy, plunging them into a hallucination that they’re still being gouged even after the Zanjintou is pulled out, the pain of which never ends until their spirit dies. It uses Dark Army Pact to summon ghost soldiers from the skulls on its arms, trampling the enemy’s strength with an undead army. This is the reason why Titamon is known as the One-Man Division; This is the reason why Titamon is known as the One-Man Division: it must be treated like an entire army.