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Starmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Meteor Shower
・Meteor Champion


A star-shaped Digimon discovered by chance in planetary analysis software installed at a space development center. Starmon is a space warrior in stellar power armor that wears boots and gloves emblazoned with a star symbol. Its ragged yellow scarf speaks to the many battles it has survived. Starmon’s eyes burn with fighting spirit in the center of its body, clearly conveying its desires in spite of its inability to speak. They can even be used in a more advanced fashion to hypnotize opponents. Starmon is a hot-blooded Digimon with a burning admiration for the warrior Leomon. Its special move is Meteor Shower, by which it calls down small meteors to crush its foe.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Starmon (X Antibody)’s DigiCore
Its already hot fighting spirit burns even hotter, and its star-shaped suit of armor has powered up. Starmon (X Antibody) has mastered Meteor Champion, which multiplies its star-controlling power and drops the most destructive meteors on the enemy’s head with pinpoint accuracy. The semitransparent star in its chest is Starmon (X Antibody)’s bespoke “sunglasses.” It seems aware of its star quality, and its status as a space warrior, and thus wears it whenever it makes an appearance. It often removes them during battle.