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Myotismon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Vampire Theory
・Bloody Drain


The king of Undead Digimon that was resurrected through the dark arts, obtaining mighty powers in the process. Originally a malicious computer virus that destroyed all the data it absorbed, Myotismon gained the ability to reanimate the data it destroyed as malignant viruses. Myotismon has an extremely cruel and cunning personality, and is an insidiously difficult Digimon to destroy. However, it can only make full use of its powers at night. During the day it’s said to be reduced to half strength. Myotismon’s special move is Night Raid, by which it commands a swarm of bats to ambush its foes.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Myotismon’s DigiCore:
Myotismon (X Antibody)’s face and body are artificial, the cape being its real body. It appears to have arms, but these are just fakes. The internal composition of its DigiCore is enhanced to let it act at full power even during the day. Myotismon uses Vampire Theory to envelop the enemy in its cape and turn them into a bat, or Bloody Drain to pierce a victim with its cape claws and drain their data.