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BeelStarmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Double Claw
・Fly Bullet: Segundo
・Distancia Cero


A Digimon that magnificently wields twin pistols, also referred to as “Beelzemon Lady” due to its appearance. BeelStarmon’s beloved Rizoma de Loto pistols are like little sisters to Beelzemon’s Berejena pistols. It will open up to anyone without hesitation, and gets along with many gunslinger Digimon in particular, with MagnaKidmon and the like even nicknaming it “Beelko.” Still, BeelStarmon is on bad terms with the solitary Beelzemon, maintaining its distance despite recognizing the other Digimon’s abilities. It is clad in a jet-black leather suit, and wears a scarf that transforms as the situation warrants, becoming weapons, armor, wings and more. BeelStarmon uses its special move Fly Bullet to home in on the enemy’s vitals with shots from its Rizoma de Loto. It also uses Double Claw to rip and tear through foes with the knives on Rizoma de Loto, and Hurricane Screw Shot to spray bullets from the guns hidden in the heels of its boots with a whirlwind kick.

■Effects of the X Antibody on BeelStarmon’s DigiCore:
BeelStarmon (X Antibody) is a gunslinger of unparalleled beauty characterized by its large, black wings. In addition to the Rizoma de Loto, twin pistols now modified into a shotgun, it also wields the pistol Pepino. Due to its increased physical capabilities, BeelStarmon (X Antibody) has mastered a style of marksmanship that ensures its bullets always find their mark, no matter what position it fires them from. Every shot BeelStarmon (X Antibody) takes seems to flow from its graceful, dance-like movements, resulting in gunplay of such elegance and beauty that it’s rumored to be a form of art. The Fly Bullet: Segundo, which has wings just like BeelStarmon (X Antibody) itself, flies freely around the battlefield, now with the ability to make use of its unpredictable trajectory to attack foes. This allows BeelStarmon (X Antibody) to fire jet-black feathers from its wings while its opponent is distracted by the Fly Bullet. Then, when its foe has been blinded by the feathers, it uses its special move Distancia Cero to fire unseen from point blank range and finish them.