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Diaboromon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Spooky Zapper
・Fatal Gaze
・Rewind Abyss 13


Diaboromon absorbs any and all data on the Network so that it can repeatedly Digivolve and grow larger, thereby draining the Digital World and bringing it to the brink of destruction. Having absorbed a vast quantity of knowledge and data, Diaboromon sees itself as omniscient and omnipotent, and revels in carnage and slaughter. Out of the many Digimon in existence, it is one of the few with a definite purpose. Its ultimate goal is to hijack a military computer so that it can launch a nuclear strike and destroy the Real World, making it a terrifying Digimon. Its special move is Catastrophe Cannon, by which it fires a destructive energy bomb from the cannon in its chest.

■Effects of the X-Antibody on Diaboromon’s DigiCore:
Diaboromon (X Antibody) is the vilest of Digimon, with the harsh environment around it having accentuated its worst characteristics. When it took in the X Antibody, the thought routines in its DigiCore ran wild, and it repeatedly wreaks destruction on the Digital World in an attempt to prove itself as an omnipotent and omniscient god. It will resort to any means necessary to achieve its goal, including setting cruel and cunning traps, and it’s learned several new techniques to ensure that it always comes out on top. It will appear before its enemies with its arms outstretched, using its tail to maintain its balance, then launch its attacks with strange movements and odd poses like some sort of invertebrate, all the while clearly displaying its disdain for all life. Its special moves include Spooky Zapper, where it spins its body like a top and slices into foes with its large claws and hidden arms, and Fatal Gaze, where it absorbs its opponent’s data by staring at them with the twelve eyes all over its body. Finally, when its hidden thirteenth eye is open, it can use Rewind Abyss 13, a despicable curse that forcefully De-Digivolves a Digimon at the end of a countdown.