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Rosemon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Thorn Whip
・Rosen Blood


A Pixie Digimon with rose-like features, known as the queen of flowers. With the appearance of a lovely woman, this Digimon desires eternal beauty. Though excessively self-conscious to a degree, Rosemon’s abilities are a match for other Megas. It also bears the Tifaret on its breast, a jewel engraved with symbols of love and beauty. Those who bear this Tifaret are supposedly bound to possess eternal beauty and strength. Rosemon uses its special move Thorn Whip to tame even the fiercest of Digimon with a whip of thorns charged with an electric current. Any struck by this whip are said to become captivated by Rosemon, body and soul.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Rosemon’s DigiCore:
Rosemon’s beauty has been drawn out to a remarkable degree, its appearance dyed so deep a crimson that all other red objects look washed out by comparison. Any who behold Rosemon (X Antibody) are struck by an overwhelming inferiority complex. Its Aphroditears—droplets on Rosemon (X Antibody)’s petals seen when one incurs its wrath—are a sign of its love. Digimon who observe them are ultimately annihilated by its special move Rosen Blood, which causes them to embrace its thorn whips despite knowing the damage they will inflict.