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Salamon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Puppy Howl
・Puppy Paw


Salamon is a young sacred-species Digimon with distinctive floppy ears. Since it’s still a child, it isn’t able to make full use of its holy powers, and has yet to realize its destiny. As a result, its nature is fundamentally unstable, and it is capable of becoming either good or evil. There will likely come a day, however, when Salamon will awaken to its destiny as one of the Virus Busters. After all, it was born a sacred-species Digimon. Salamon is also an experimental Digimon created by Digimon researchers, and since it was modeled after a human pet, it looks a great deal like a real animal. Its special move Puppy Howl involves letting out a supersonic screech that can paralyze foes.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Salamon’s DigiCore:
Its cuteness as a pet increases, bringing more happiness to those who see it. Salamon (X Antibody)’s holy power has increased as well, gaining it the Puppy Paw technique that it uses to create a barrier against Virus Digimon in the wake of its steps. Still, it is unaware of this technique.