Digimon Encyclopedia



X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Blade of the Dragon King
・Soul Digitalization


One of the 13 Royal Knights, who are said to be the highest-ranking Digimon when it comes to Network security. Although Alphamon itself is a Holy Knight, it is said to act as a deterrent to others of its kind. It typically prefers to remain hidden, and is widely known as the Aloof Hermit, identifiable by the blue cape that flutters around it. The position it occupies as Royal Knights is known as the Empty Seat. Because it has the ability to access the ultimate power Alpha inForce, power that can instantly reverse what would otherwise be a lost cause, Alphamon’s attacks are always over in the blink of an eye. Actually, it’s never clear whether Alphamon is making one attack or many, as theoretically it’s possible that only its final blow was visible. It can also attack or defend by activating the magic circles of DigiCode on its hands. Its special move Blade of the Dragon King involves drawing out the light gathered in the center of the magic circle on one of its hands, then using it to pierce a foe. Or it can use Soul Digitalization, which involves spreading the wings on its back so it can take flight, then creating a giant magic circle in the sky which it uses to summon a legendary monster from another dimension.