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Dark Angel
Special Move
・End of the World
・Magna Visibility
・Summon Apocalypse


Ordinemon is an unidentified Digimon with huge, jet-black wings. Some researchers believe it to be a being that appears when the Digital World is in chaos and will soon meet its end. It is said that when an Angel Digimon, once a defender of order, is so overcome by anger and grief that it falls to darkness and fuses with other Digimon, that is when Ordinemon is born. Ordinemon’s wings are a manifestation of the overflowing negative emotions within it, and with every flap they send a wave of miasma through the surrounding area. This miasma, which endlessly seeps out of Ordinemon, will eventually envelop the entire world, bringing an end to all life. Yet in its heart, Ordinemon is a creature of compassion. It is a sublime being that hopes to save the world by returning it to nothingness after it has lost all semblance of order.

Its special moves include End of the World, where it fires a jet-black energy beam from its mouth that destroys all data, and Magna Visibility, by which it uses the orbs in its wings to attack foes in all directions. Finally, it has Summon Apocalypse, which involves turning the countless feathers that fall from its wings into Digimon, then having them attack. It’s a move that fills all who see it with dread and despair, not just those targeted by the attack.