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OmegaShoutmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Dragon Man
Special Move
・Flare Rock Soul
・Heavy Heat Vulcan
・Zeal Magnum
・Omega the Fusion


OmegaShoutmon obtained a legendary Digivolution from Omegamon when it unleashed its soul’s seething passion. In addition to its intense fervor, its entire body is clad in Omega inForce, a power it obtained from Omegamon, so it emits a golden glow from its sharp new form. This makes it impossible for enemies to directly perceive OmegaShoutmon. They can only take in its glowing afterimage. OmegaShoutmon’s Flame Cannon transforms the overflowing feelings of friendship in its heart into firepower, releasing a hail of bullets that can not only attack, but also become a wall of iron to protect its allies. It can also channel its zeal for justice into a burst of power from its V-shaped head that shines brighter than the sun, assaulting its foes with Victorize Banking and wiping them out. Or, with Hard Rock Soul, it can concentrate its fervent courage into flames that burst from its fists to either punch enemies at close range or blast them with fire from long range. Alternatively, it can put all of its fierce fighting spirit into its feet, turning them into blades to slice into its foes with Beat Slash. Finally, with Omega the Fusion, it can concentrate the power of the Omega inForce surrounding its body into an aura that it then condenses into a beam to fire at its enemies. All who’ve beheld the awesome brilliance of this attack are left utterly demoralized.

■Effects of the X Antibody on OmegaShoutmon’s DigiCore:
The red lines running all over OmegaShoutmon (X Antibody)’s form rose to the surface when its fiercely seething passion merged with the X Antibody. It can now channel that passion into crystal claws, allowing it to unleash its special move Flare Rock Spirit with enhanced fiery might. It can also use Heavy Heat Vulcan to fire a stream of tiny balls of fire, each one as powerful as a Mega Flame. Finally, its ultimate special move is Zeal Magnum, where it puts both hands together to charge up an energy blast of such scorching heat that it will never grow cold, then fires it at foes.