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Ophanimon: Falldown Mode (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Dark Angel
Special Move
・Demonic Crystal
・Flame Hellscythe
・Behead Slasher


Ophanimon: Falldown Mode is the form Ophanimon took on when its rage overwhelmed all other emotions and it descended into madness. Furious that acts of cruelty and evil only seemed to be multiplying despite purge after purge, Ophanimon: Falldown Mode’s heart grew stony and hard. Now it seeks to build a new world in accordance with its own sense of justice. It has also grown determined to nip evil in the bud, and will hunt down any that would stand in the way of its ideals. With its special move Flame Hellscythe, it uses its weapon of flames to hunt foes, wreathing their souls in hellfire and sending them to hell. It also has the summoning technique Demonic Crystal, which it uses to torment its foes until they die.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Ophanimon Chaos Mode’s DigiCore:
Ophanimon: Falldown Mode (X Antibody) is better armed than ever, due to improvements such as wreathing its Flame Hellscythe in flames on both sides, allowing it to take on multiple foes at once. Among its more prominent upgrades are its three Behead Slasher, which float around its body. These can block enemy attacks as well as pursue and cut down foes. They can also be imbued with flames to dramatically increase their offensive capabilities. Having gained the power to take on thousands, Ophanimon: Falldown Mode (X Antibody) intends to eliminate the never-ending threats to justice all on its own.