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Meramon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・X Radicate


A Fire Digimon whose body is shrouded in crimson flames. A Digimon generated by the defensive Firewall built to prevent illegal intrusion into networks such as the Internet, Meramon’s violent temperament reflects the flames surrounding it, burning everything it touches to a crisp. Possessing the most powerful flames of its ilk on File Island, this Digimon is extremely difficult to tame. Even those who tame it can’t predict when it will turn on them. Meramon uses its special move Burning Fist to flare up its arms before punching the opponent.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Meramon’s DigiCore:
Meramon (X Antibody)’s temper has grown more violent than ever, and if it ever finds an invading Virus Digimon, it will fly off into a rampage as it pummels them, despite being a Data Digimon itself. Its utter fearlessness in facing Virus Digimon comes from its newfound ability to create a barrier called the X-Patch using the power accumulated in its right hand. This both protects it from attacks made by Viruses and allows it to use the special move X Radicate to burn its foes down to nothing.