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Justimon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Justice X Kick
・Justice X Punch
・Justice X Blade


A heroic Digimon donning a fluttering red scarf. Burning with a sense of justice, this Digimon will never overlook injustice or evil deeds, making it beloved by In-Training Digimon. Justimon comes in like the wind, swings down the iron hammer of justice, and then vanishes just as quickly. It also seems to enjoy striking a pose on a cliffside with its back to the setting sun. Swapping through the three plugs of the Extend Transmitter equipped on its back lets it alternate between the power-type Accel Arm, the electric-type Blitz Arm, and a cutter-type Critical Arm. Its signature move Trinity Arm lets Justimon swap between its three arms, and special move Justice Kick boasts over 45 tons of destructive power.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Justimon’s DigiCore:
Justimon (X Antibody) no longer needs to switch between its three arms, as now its right arm has become its Blitz Arm, its left arm is its Critical Arm, and its left leg is now its Accel Leg. It can load out and activate each device using its belt buckle, or perform a special move by powering up one that’s already active. These special moves include Justice X Punch, unleashed from its Blitz Arm, Justice X Blade, where it slices through foes using its Critical Arm, and Justice X Kick, a jump kick performed with its Accel Leg. Its Justice X Kick is said to generate as much as 100 tons of destructive force. What’s more, Justimon (X Antibody) can activate all three devices at once with its ABC-sert. This makes it incredibly powerful, if only for a limited amount of time.