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X Antibody
Beast Dragon
Special Move
・Legendary Dragon Blade


Hisyaryumon is a Beast Dragon Digimon that soars freely through the skies, clad in armor of elegantly shimmering scales. Its form is the result of the interface on its forehead unlocking the data of dragons and generals from Japanese myths lying dormant deep within its DigiCore, filled with their ferocious combat instincts. Its mobility is its greatest strength, granting it command over most of the vast skies of the Net. Normally it’s possessed of the wisdom and composure of a god, but if either of the crystal-like orbs it holds in its hands is damaged, it will instead grow as fierce as a raging demon, and attack with all the power it can muster. These orbs are the souls of its lost companions. The orb in its right hand is the soul of Kinryu, while the orb in its left hand is the soul of Kakuryu. It is said that each orb contains the data of a DigiCore hidden within it. Its special moves include Legendary Dragon Blade, where it transforms itself into a giant steel blade and slices through foes, and Jūouguruma, where it surrounds an enemy and attacks from every direction.