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Evil Dragon
Special Move
・Black Sabbath
・Blue Murder Flame


A Digimon that Digivolved into the form of an intimidating dragon by absorbing heavy metal culture. It thinks of its battles as a "show" and has a competitive nature that makes it seek out powerful opponents that can further excite an audience. It may even venture into the Dark Area in search of more thrilling battles, which is rife with evil creatures.
 HeavyMetaldramon's body is covered in Black Digizoid that clangs with the sound of metal against metal whenever it moves, and its guitar-shaped wings emit a deafening roar. Many Digimon consider an encounter with HeavyMetaldramon to be an annoyance. As the sound it constantly makes is easily heard, it can rarely find an opponent. HeavyMetaldramon's desire to seek out powerful opponents only grows stronger as the time between battles increases. In contrast to its appearance, HeavyMetaldramon is proficient in a variety of fighting styles. It can stir up a cacophony that will shatter the ground, use the power of its massive body, and carry out attacks that utilize the transforming capabilities of Black Digizoid.
 For its special moves, HeavyMetaldramon uses Black Sabbath, which pulverizes enemies via a thunderous sound released from its guitar-shaped wings, and with Blue Murder Flame, it unleashes a bluish-white hellfire from its mouth.