Digimon Encyclopedia



X Antibody
Special Move
・Accel Stinger
・Hornet Eraser


An ambitious Android Digimon that rules over the "Royal Base" as its queen and is always seeking to expand the size and scope of its base. With high prowess in both science and engineering, it was responsible for the design and development of the Royal Base.
 In addition, QueenBeemon takes great pride in its ability to process a remarkable amount of information. It can manage defensive positioning and combat formations all by itself. On the other hand, it is inferior to TigerVespamon in regards to its capabilities in single combat. That difference is compensated for by its secret weapon, the Royal Throne, which provides a wide variety of functions and is considered to be a part of its body.
 QueenBeemon is an attention-seeker, and will never fail to flaunt the fact that it is queen, even within the Royal Base. QueenBeemon is revered as a sovereign by the Digimon under its command, and it will sit upon its throne and listen to the calls of affection from its subordinates. While doing so, QueenBeemon will wave its honey weapon, the Beam Fan, around, despite it having zero tactical effect.
 For its Accel Stinger special move, QueenBeemon produces a poison specifically tailored to its foe and launches it at them via the Royals Throne's Arm Unit. With the Hornet Eraser, a beam of light is fired from the turret on the underside of the Royal Throne. By supplying energy from the Royal Base, the turret's barrel is further expanded, giving it enough firepower to obliterate a mountain.