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Guilmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Dark Dragon
Special Move
・Rock Breaker
・Fire Ball
・Fire Mitt


A Digimon resembling a young dinosaur. Although Guilmon is a Rookie Digimon, Guilmon possesses a carnivore’s brutality, and great potential as the fighting type Digimon it originally descended from. The mark on its chest is called the Digital Hazard, and is inscribed on any Digimon that could cause serious damage to computer data. Still, if used for the sake of peace, this ability could make it a guardian of the Digital World. It can use its signature move Rock Breaker to destroy even stone with its tenacious front claws. With its special move Fire Ball, it spits a powerful ball of flame from its mouth.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Guilmon’s DigiCore:
The Digital Hazard mark has disappeared from Guilmon (X Antibody). This is because it has accepted and contained that power within its small body. While it has yet to awaken to that power, its talent for maturing into the true guardian of the Digital World will improve if it is raised the right way. Its viral instincts have grown stronger, giving Guilmon (X Antibody) a more aggressive personality and letting it acquire the special move Fire Mitt, which it uses to strike foes with arms wrapped in its Fire Ball technique.